martedì 4 novembre 2008

The Killers: Spaceman

The Killers > Spaceman

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Nicholai ha detto...

At least now their lyrics make sense.
Sams town was good, but I never got what they were going on about.
The music is worse on this new album, but at least it makes sense.

Jon ha detto...

Repost pleasepleaseplease?

brugo ha detto...

i don't really know about the music: i mean, i'm a huge fan of pop music and a huge fan of Stuart Price but I'm also a huge fan of Hot Fuss, their first album.

and there's nothing left of those Killers in these songs.

they sound like, i don't know, Duran Duran maybe? I've never listened to them but that oh oooh ooooh makes me think about bands like that.

I miss Jenny, I miss Mr Brightside, I miss the choir and the clapping.