giovedì 17 luglio 2008

Amy Winehouse - Back To Black (Instrumental)

Adesso sì che avrà senso vestirsi da Blake, il prossimo Halloween.

Amy Winehouse > Love Is A Losing Game (Instrumental)
Amy Winehouse > Tears Dry On Their Own (Instrumental)
Amy Winehouse > You Know I'm No Good(Instrumental)
Amy Winehouse > Addicted(Instrumental)
Amy Winehouse > Rehab (Instrumental)

3 commenti:

The Matt and Dan Show ha detto...

Does someone hate Amy Winehouse that much, that they had to remove her voice from all her songs???

Matt and Dan

deubs ha detto...

thanks !
For info, on the addicted link it's rehab

Fer ha detto...

please repost Love is a lonsing game.. seems link is broken. :(

thank u